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Risk Assessment For The Malathion Program

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Essay Preview: Risk Assessment For The Malathion Program

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Risk Assessment for the Malathion Program

After reviewing the statistics and toxicological information in regards to the pesticide Malathion, I vote to implement the application of this pesticide to the city of Genericville. As the opponents to this procedure have a valid argument, I on the other hand, feel that this will have a more positive benefit in the long run.

I performed a risk assessment for adverse health effects on the pesticide. My results for the hazard identification were that the likelihood of adverse health effects was very slim. Any fatal affects from Malathion could only come from ingesting a very large dose. If there are any effects, they are not life threatening. I do not feel that there is enough conclusive evidence that shows that the citizens or animals living in Genericville will be detrimentally affected by Malathion.

According to my dose-response assessment, I found that there were no conclusive reports of adverse health affects after being exposed to minimal doses of Malathion. People who are not exposed directly to the pesticide should not be affected by it. Although this will be an extensive program, the dosage of Malathion will not be directly inflicted upon any humans or animals in Genericville, therefore should not have adverse health effects.

With my exposure assessment of Malathion I found that unless inhaled or ingested, the pesticide does not have any long term adverse effects on humans. Even after the application of Malathion, it degrades very rapidly. There have been very few cases or reports of negative effects caused by this pesticide. Although, an extensive program will be implemented, there will not be any direct human contact with the Malathion and people will be notified prior to the application.

The risk characterization of Malathion is that there is a very low probability of the population of Genericville being adversely affected by it. Studies have



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