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Pusit Movie Review

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PUSIT: kaibigan. kapatid. ama. anak

A Reflection Paper

        Princess Diana once said, “HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.”

        The movie was entitled, “PUSIT” and it really depicts the real and factual scenario of things that is happening in our society nowadays. It tells the story of a salon owner, an overseas worker, a model, a call center agent, a teenage boy, a son from a rich family, and a breadwinner raised by a single mother, all striving and fighting for their dignity, morals and lives.

        Pusit is an extraordinary film, for it will take you to a roller-coaster ride of emotions and thoughts. Once, you’ll feel angry for their situation, then you’ll laugh of the way they handle their problem, also, you’ll feel disturb because of the impact or effect this disease can brought to one’s life, then again, you’ll feel pity to those persons struggling and fighting for their lives, but lastly, you’ll feel thankful and blessed for having the best parents, best family and friends for not having to experience those.

Honestly, when we were told that there will have a film showing requirement for this subject I have a negative reaction, well most of my classmates. We thought it would be boring and a waste of our time, money and effort. Upon receiving the movie tickets, two days before the film showing, most of us was hesitant at first, because we thought that just by reading the title of the movie, it doesn’t seem interesting. But luckily and thankfully, we did, no, I did, watch the movie. The convincing power of my friends is a big help. After watching the movie, I felt shy ashamed of what I have said before and all I did was to heave a deep sigh for the movie was an eye-opener and heart touching.

        Eye-opener in a way that, it really depicts the reality of what is happening to our society nowadays. The movie shows how HIV can affect one’s life and the life of the people around the person living with HIV. Also, it will let us be aware that this can really happen to anyone. No matter what your status in life is, no matter how good your morals and values are, no matter how beautiful your face is, no matter how strong your family foundation, no matter what you have achieved in life and lastly, no matter how strong your faith is.

        Also, it was heart touching. The characters in the story really did well on portraying their roles, and to think that it was based from a true story. For me, the goal of the director which is to inform and let the viewers be alarmed and to stop the stigma was achieved, because we learned a lot from the movie. The story of the breadwinner raised by a single mother made me cry. I saw the unconditional love of the mother for his son. Despite of all the criticisms, negative views, and how they were treated by the people around them because of his son, having this disease, she didn’t lose hope and continues the battle with his son. Knowing that she is there, fighting and keeping the faith for his son is more than enough for his son to continue the battle against HIV.



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