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Purpose of Bmw

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Purpose of BMW

The basic purpose of this mission is to illustrate BMW's corporate strategy and to highlight their goals and business practices in the business environment.

The objective is to highlight the organization's mission, vision and goals while assessing its corporate and social behavior in the short and long term.

The entire discussion will be highlighted on different topics, and all relevant points related to the auto giant BMW will be discussed in an informative manner.

BMW is a German automobile and engine manufacturing organization founded in 1916. BMW is a public company. It has several subsidiaries, the most famous of which is the Rolls Royce. Based on performance, quality, brand innovation, design and manufacture of German design cars, BMW builds its brand, targeting the high-end luxury category.


BMW company, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is one of the mainly victorious multi kind finest motor manufactures in the globe. BMW is a German Motor; motorbike and appliance manufacturers founded in 1916 and have been widely trade since 1969. The company

Summary of BMW

In this report, BMW Motors UK has developed a marketing plan that begins with a brief introduction to marketing and companies. BMW is the leader in the UK's high-end luxury car market. The company's sales have grown over the past two years, accounting for nearly 10% of the UK automotive market. The reason for this success is the variety of cars that BMW offers. It includes the BMW brand Mini and Rolls Royce. However, all three are successful products of BMW Automobiles and are discussed in this report; more attention is paid to the BMW brand. So far, the company’s success is due to their achievements. The company's core strategy, product development. BMW has been around for many years e created cars and successfully brought them to market, but the times are changing now because competitors like Mercedes are entering new markets and trying to win new consumers. BMW must respond to these initiatives by sticking to its core strategy. This is the way the company achieves its mission to become the world's leading provider of quality products and personal mobile premium services by 2020.



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