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Psychology Terms Relating To Drugs

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* Sensation - when energy is converted to neural impulses.

* Psychophysics - study of relationship between sensation and what you perceive

* Signal detection - theory developed about the response bias.

* Elasticity of the lens - gets harder as you get older. Lens makes you focus.

* Retina - most important part of the eye, multilayered tissue that is in the back of your eye which contains rods and (dark) cones (light).

* Cones - color and light perception.

* Fovea - area on the retina with ONLY cones.

* Color blindness - when you don't have any cones, and can't see the colors

* Dark adaptation - when your rods need to adjust to the darkness

* Middle ear function - has bones, which vibrate to amplify the sound

* Cochlea - just like the retina, but in the ear, lined with hair cells, takes the information to the auditory cortex.

* Auditory cortex - receives info from cochlea

* Auditory localization - sound reaches the two ears at different speeds, and you can locate the source for the sound

* Cochlea implants, purpose for them - for deaf children, improves linguistics

* Olfactory receptors - located in upper nasal passages, instead of sending the information through the thalamus it sends it through the hypothalamus

* Reversible figures - people see it at the same pictures, but see different things, shows that your brain plays a role in perception

* Gestalt - "whole" a school of thought rooted in the idea that the whole (perception) is different from the sum of its parts (sensation)

* Closure - filling in the blanks in your mind to feel complete

* Perceptual constancy - depth perception

* Shape constancy - the tendency to see an object as retaining its form despite changes in orientation

* Monocular cues - distance, you only need one eye

* Muller Lyer illusion - lines of equal length look longer or shorter depending on the extensions that you draw on the end

* Visual cliff - demonstration that depth perception is innate

* Sleep wake cycles - controlled by the hypothalamus, some of your body functions are shut off



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