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Project Management Systems

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Project Management Systems


This paper explores the information that is required by a project manager to conduct a successful project. It entails planning, organizing and managing the effort to accomplish a successful project.

A project is a onetime activity that produces a specific output. Therefore to manage it, one requires to develop a project plan, which includes defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, how they will be achieved, identifying tasks and quantifying the resources needed, and determining the budgets and timeline for completion. It also includes managing the implementation of the project plan, along with operating regular controls to ensure that there is accurate information on performance relative to the plan, and mechanisms to implement recovery actions where necessary.

Project Management Systems

There are various information required by a project manager to successfully manage a project. They are as follows:

Managing integration

This is a collection of processes required to ensure that the various elements of a project are properly coordinated. It involves making tradeoffs among competing objectives and alternatives to meet or exceed stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

There are a lot of activities going on in a project and therefore there is need to keep the whole plan moving collectively, integrating all of the dynamics that take place. It includes;

Developing of the project charter. It aims to gather high level project information to produce project charter. This will help in authorizing the project in the organization.

Developing project management plan. It ensures proper planning of a project. It also helps in producing project management plan, schedule management plan and cost management plan

Directing and managing project work. It ensures the deliverables of the project to be produced. It aims at delivering the outputs of the project

Monitoring and control of project work. Deviations and variances from the planned values are measured with the help of monitoring and control project work process.

Performing integrated change control. Changes might be requested due to variations or variances from the planned values. The changes are evaluated by the change control board with alternative solutions and impacts to the project (PMP articles, 2019)

Managing scope

Projects need to have a defined parameter .this must be broken down and managed through a work breakdown structure (WBS). Managing scope is about planning, definition,WBS creation, verification and control.

Managing time/schedule

Projects have a definite beginning and a definite ending time. Therefore there is need to manage the budgeted time according to a project schedule. Managing time is about definition, sequencing, resource and duration estimation, schedule development and schedule control (Barron and Barron,2009)

Managing cost

Projects consume resources and there is need to manage and invest with the realization of creating value. The benefits derived should exceed the amount spent. Managing cost is about resource planning, cost estimating, budgeting and control.

Managing quality

Projects involve specific deriverables.they need to meet project objectives end performance standards. Managing quality is about quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.

Managing human resource

Projects consist of teams and they need to be managed during the project life cycle. Finding the right people, managing their outputs, and keeping them on schedule is a big part of managing a project. It’s about human resources planning, hiring and developing and managing a project team.



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