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Project Management

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Workshop Five Team Assignment

JADD - Relocation Project Proposal

University of Phoenix

CMGT/410- Project Planning and Implementation

JADD - Relocation Project Proposal

In an effort to take advantage of new technology and streamline our current practices, we have undertaken the task of moving into a brand new state of the art facility. The infrastructure of this new building will be fitted out with technology specified by ourselves and directly related to the industry we are in and the way we conduct our business: now and in the future. We have surveyed our employee population and believe we are fulfilling their wishes for an efficient, reliable communication system.

A project plan has been drawn up and if we can successfully work to this plan there should be minimal disruption to our workflow.

Background and Statement of Need

JADD is a research-based pharmaceutical company that was established in 1994. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility are in Diamond Bar, California. JADD has become a leader in developing prescription medicines and products. JADD was formed by leaders in the field medicine with the mission to provide high quality effective medicines and products in mind. Their vision is to assist people live healthier and more prosperous lives.

Through innovation and dedication, JADD has been able to accomplish great growth within the industry in the last 10 years. It was inevitable to have outgrown our current facilities. Our customer base has expanded as well as the customers' needs.

Project Objectives

In the need to sustain our current business and the need to stay competitive, we propose that JADD relocates to a larger facility. With new and more technological advanced facility and personnel JADD will not only be able sustain its current market share but also expand it. The IT department will be key to facilitating the move. The new facility will be completely enhanced with systems that will enhance the company's infrastructure. JADD's exceptional customer service team will also grow and continue to serve with the same high standards with the help of the new systems. The new facility will also make room for a larger and more sophisticated research and development department. This will keep JADD above the edge in the pharmaceutical industry. An analyzed forecast will show the great impact that this expansion will have on the company.

The initial allotted time for the move will be two and a half years. The departments will move in a manner where production and customer service is not interrupted. The IT department will lead the move with half of the department's personnel working strictly on the needs for the move. The Within this time the project team will follow a strict plan to keep the project flowing and have it completed in a timely manner and within budget. The current budget for this project is set at $600,000.

Missions and goals of the project

The most import part of this project is to move people, manufacturing equipment and IT infrastructure from the old building to the new one with out impacting production. The side this team is concentrating in though is the IT portion of it. For the IT portion the mission is to move existing servers and routers. Build new servers in the new facility. Build a network from scratch in the new facility. Buy any additional equipment that is needed. Build a voice over internet system from scratch to for the phones. Coordinate the move of users IT equipment from various locations to the new. Install users IT equipment as the move in phases. Build production/manufacturing lines from scratch including validation of it. All moves and builds to be done without interrupting manufacturing production and according to set dates.

Project (Plan) Approach

To enable IT to support current building and a new building the IT department will be divided in half. One half will stay in the old building and continue to support it; but prioritizing the work. Department Directors will be informed that non-business critical issues will not be addressed during the transition period of the move due to limited IT resources. The other half of the IT department will send a representative to every project management meeting and will plan IT needs with the project manager and with the move coordinators from other departments. The rest of the IT department will be working in the new facility building the infrastructure. Also they will be sent up user machines and validating them as they come in phases.

Project (Plan) Organization

Ana an IT support specialist will stay in the old building and continue supporting it until the final move. William a Senior Application Specialist will continue to stay in the old building supporting it. Kathy a Network Specialist will be the department's project manager/move coordinator. Kathy will be responsible to attend the project management meetings and keep the IT director informed of progress. Larry is the Telecom specialist he will be coordinating with Kathy all the T1 and T3 switchovers from the different sites moving in. Also he will be responsible for setting up all the analog lines with different vendors of new building and shutting down all the old ones in the old building. James is a Senior Network Specialist and he will be responsible for building the IT infrastructure of the new building in coordination with Kathy and Larry. This includes servers, routers, voice over IP, Cisco phone build and setup. James will coordinate all LAN drops, WAN switchovers with vendors, Kathy and Larry. James will also setup the manufacturing area of the new building since he as experience doing it from previous projects. Chuck is the IT Director, he will be informed by the IT team of all progress and will keep upper management of informed of IT's status. Chuck will also assist all IT department members when needed. On top of above duties everyone in the IT department will help in users PC setup in the new building.

Task/Responsibility Matrix

A good deal of thought, analysis, and discussion between all parties must occur before system members take this step. The following are some of the steps that should occur in such a consideration. They do not represent all possible



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