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Project Communication

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Several issues have arisen on Trend Now project. One of the team members broke his/her wrist playing tennis yesterday and cannot work on the project at all for three weeks. His work starts in one week, so you need to reassign it to others. Another team member has suggested that you use Kanban boards to list all of the tasks for the project and to track where they are in the work flow. No one on your team has ever really used Kanban boards. You have not yet broken down the tasks into much detail and need more information from another team member. One of your other team members is having difficulties communicating with her main contact across the country. She is very busy all the time and does not use texting. Describe how you would communicate to the rest of team about the team member’s injury, what actions would you take and what communications medium would you use with different stakeholders?

A good definition of project communication is “Project communication management includes the process required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval and ultimate disposition of project information” (PMI, 2008).

7b. Communication Plan:

Seeing that since each member has a separate priority or a weakness of their own, they tend to be indiscipline regarding the communication etiquette of a team. Thus, in order to communicate to each member at his or her relevant time or through their relevant mode, the best way would be informal communication. An informal communication would include one to one phone calls or meeting nearby teammates for dinner or a drink. A voice mail is also a good option for those who are busy the whole day and at least listen to voice mails at the end of the day. An informal communication is the best suited for communicating the require information to the kind of team mentioned in the article above.



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