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Pre-Purchase Stage Of Antomobile And Coffee

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Purchasing an automobile is a complex buying behavior that consumer is highly

involved in a purchase and significant perceived different among brands. And buying

a cup of coffee is a habitual buying behavior as there is low consumer involvement

and few significant perceived brand differences.

Need recognition: Consumers purchasing an automobile may because of their esteem

needs. They think that automobile is a symbol of status and self-identity and their

self-image is tied to the product. But for buying a cup of coffee is a physiological

needs that consumers buy for it because they feel thirsty.

Information search and Evaluation of alternatives: Automobile is a high

involvement, expensive and purchased infrequently product. Consumers will actively

search for information to evaluate and consider alternative brands by applying

specific criteria such as price, performance, durability and service for an automobile.

Consumers may also gain information through the dealer, know the relative

advantages of another brand before the purchase.

Purchasing a cup of coffee in the same shop everyday, is a low involvement with most

low-cost and frequently purchases products. Consumers do not search extensively for

information about



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