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Developmental Stages

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What is their developmental level?


During Kindergarten, the child is in Piaget's preoperational stage. This stage last from ages 2-7 years. Throughout this stage, the child is not able to see things from anyone else's perspective but their own. The child has a lack of conservation and is unable to understand that if a substance is rearranged it is still the same amount. Irreversibility is also present and the child does not understand that certain processes can be undone. The child has the inability to reason about transformations and focuses primarily on static situations. The child strongly believes in single classification and does not understand that one entity can hold two or more positions. The child has transductive reasoning and combines unrelated facts together to obtain their own belief.


During Kindergarten, the child is in Kolhberg's preconvetional morality which is based from his three levels and six stages of moral reasoning. In level one of this theory, there are two stages the child will enter. This stage is seen in pre-school age children through high school. For the duration of stage one, the child will formulate decisions that are best for their well-being. They will try to avoid punishment at all cost and maintain a strong sense of obedience. The child will do this with no regards for the feelings of others. The child will obey rules given chiefly by powerful authority figures (i.e. parents, teachers, babysitters, family, etc.). During this stage, the wrong behaviors are those given through punishment and positive/negative reinforcement. More so, in stage two of the moral reasoning theory the child starts to be aware of others needs and feelings. The child may even exemplify special behaviors for others if their own needs are met in return. Right from wrong is defined by the child through consequences that have been displayed by their own actions.


During Kindergarten, the child may be going through two stages



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