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Music Purchasing Online

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Taking a trip to the local music store to purchase the latest CD of favorite artists is becoming a thing of the past. I used to love going to a music store to browse through different CD's and genres but now with a computer and the internet, why waste time and gas dollars to make that trip. "Today over 56 percent of American homes have a computer." Like music, everything and anything can be bought conveniently through a personal computer with internet access and people are buying more than ever. In 2000, "'s reported net sales for that year were $2.8 billion." Now there are some websites where you can buy specific songs without buying the whole album and the best part of it is: I don't have to wait and make a trip to the post office. Everything purchased I'll receive in a matter of minutes by clicking "download." Not only can you download music legitimately by means of purchasing with a credit card but you can also share files with others, in other words, steal. File sharing is one thing I disagree with. Artists sacrifice so much to do what they love. Having a thirteen year old download songs from an album that hasn't been released yet and give copies of those songs to his/her friends is downright wrong. Singing and playing music has always been a passion of mine. I love to create and compose songs and share them to anyone willing to listen. It takes a lot of imagination, creativity and time to put together a song. Talented artists do not become superstars over night. It takes them years of dedication to be successful and by having people steal their music is not at all helping the artist we love.



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