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Physical Therapy/College

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There are myriads of individuals in the world who attend college and each individual has their own ground(s) why they decide to attend college. The rationale in why I have decided to attend college is to have the opportunity to get an education and have the prospect to provide to my community and to the world. My major is Physical Therapy and I covet to have the opportunity to help other people and formulate a divergence in the world. In order for me to provide and help others, I need to first finish college, attain my degree, and help myriads of individuals as much as I can. Not only am I attending college to attain an enhanced education and to accomplish my degree, however, attending college makes one a better individual and an open-minded person. One is able to ruminate and comprehend better and fathom that there are myriads of ways in solving problems, dealing with stress, and working as a team with classmates. I believe that I deserve Alvin Cox Scholarship since I am a solemn student who has a goal and I as an individual want to attain my goal and dream which is to become a Physical Therapist. With this Scholarship, it would be a immense help for me to get closer to my dream and goal. Since I am a full-time student taking many credits, money is very hard for me to formulate. Though one requires fathoming that money is not everything in life, however, if one wants to achieve an education and degree, they necessitate having money in order to prolong their education. With this Scholarship, it would be a help and a step closer in accomplishing my dream goal which is becoming a Physical Therapist and helping myriads of people as I can.

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