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Physical Therapy, "A Prominent Career"

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People have created a hectic and busy world that includes careers and daily activities that require physical activity. While attempting to attain the required physical conditioning, people often take chances with their personal health as they try to stretch their physical limits. Sometimes, people can surpass their current limits and form new boundaries; however, other times people are not so fortunate. These unfortunate times often lead to injury, including workplace accidents, sporting incidents, disease afflictions, as well as others; any or all of which could bring about the need of rehabilitation services. Many of these require physical therapy, which includes assisting injured or otherwise impaired patients as they recover to their pre-injury status or to recover as much as is physically possible. The field of physical therapy is a choice career for those who enjoy helping people recover from injury, and the following text will provide reason for choosing this profession

Various educational requirements serve as a qualification to a career as a physical therapist. A person must earn a minimum of two degrees from accredited universities, perform volunteer service and comply with certification requirements to complete the educational requirements toward a career in physical therapy. First, the interested person must complete an undergraduate degree with either a Bachelor of Science, or a Bachelor of Arts with a heavy science background... A common requirement among universities is a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in all basic courses and a minimum 3.0 in all science classes for entrance into a Master's degree program. Important considerations by most, if not all, programs are the person's grades and attitude displayed during a required personal interview with an executive from the university which the interested student plans to attend. The next step involves earning a Master's degree from an accredited university. Once into a Master's program, the student must maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average throughout the two year program. A basic program, as described by The World Book Encyclopedia, consists of "courses in anatomy, clinical medicine, physiology, psychology, therapeutic exercise, and the use of various physical and electrical equipment" (Zeleny, 1986). Many opportunities arise once a person enters the field of physical therapy. Financial gains, emotional satisfaction and respect from peers are just a few of the many opportunities to enjoy in the field of physical therapy. Compared to the days as a student, the financial means of a physical therapist are a very welcome transition. The average starting salary for a physical therapist ranges from $35,000 to $50,000 per year. Good Shepherd Medical Center of Longview, Texas, offers starting physical therapists $48,000 per year. Recently in the summer of 2006, I had the opportunity to work at Physical Therapy & Associates, a family oriented business that serves the community very well. Being on staff for about a year I got the opportunity to work along side of a well established Physical therapist "Temporary but necessary" was a quote that he described the process of becoming a PT.

This career is a perfect opportunity to attain these feelings as the physical therapist helps to rehabilitate a person, whom may have first met in perhaps his poorest physical condition, to a condition that might be the best of the patient's life. There are, however, some patients who cannot be rehabilitated to the full extent. American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Repair and Maintenance: Hundreds of Stretches and Exercises for Every Part of the Human Body , (pg. 55)"The physical therapist works continually with both patients and the patient's doctors. The doctor generally refers a patient to physical therapy either to prepare for or to help recover from surgery, after an accident or amputation". When the doctor witnesses excellent results coming out of the physical therapy center that doctor gains respect for the work performed by the physical therapist. The patient also gains respect and appreciation for the physical therapist, as they are able to function more normally. This gained respect is needed for prosperity as well as increasing confidence in the work performed as a physical therapist. There are many opportunities that come as a result of the hard work and dedication given to this career that more than outweigh any inconveniences brought about by committing the time necessary for the proper education required to become a physical therapist. As in every career, there are general demands in the career of physical therapy. The nature of the work,



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