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Physics Ata

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The stakeholders of the applications are the creators, computer programmers, and the consumers of the product. The programmers will need to have everything working with no bugs or errors in the software so that the consumer can be carefree of potential errors. The consumers are stakeholders because they are investing their personal money into software which they believe will help maximize their spreadsheet potential and allow for the data needed to be in the spreadsheet in a workable form; such as a budget for monthly expenses to be accurate and calculated correctly.

a. There are many valuable features that are possible with this application. The ability to calculate numbers with the "autosum" function that is located just to the left of the middle of the toolbar at the top of page. The "autosum" allows the consumer to click and drag across many boxes, starting in a blank box, you can calculate as many boxes as you want and can have a sum, subtraction, division, average, etc. and can find a variety of different information depending on the task at hand you are trying to accomplish. Excel also allows for the user to create titles along the top and sides of the excel chart, and can get them to freeze in place, so that if your working lower on the tables, you don't have to keep scrolling up to make sure you are entering data into the right assortment of columns or rows.

b. This application can be very useful if you are a financial planner for a client or just doing your monthly or yearly budget. The application allows you to have easy access to inputting data into correct boxes, and allows for the easy calculations or the sum of all the data, or anything your task desires. The program also can let you make small notes that are placed in the top right of the desired box, where you can set small notes to yourself or others that are in place to interpret the data properly or just a general note. And this benefit overall will help to ensure that whoever is looking at the table will have a clear understanding of what there looking at.

c. The two social issues affected by this application are economical and health. It affects economical because now companies can be more proficient and create exact budget print outs, that are precise and have all the relative data in one central location on the spreadsheet. It also allows companies to calculate figures at an extremely fast and hassle free way, and is a lot more reliable than the work of a human employee. And when dealing with large amounts of money for a client or even personal affairs, you want to be sure that everything is calculated right. Last it impacts the economical side because companies could loose potential clients due to the easy and ability to create there own financial plans or budgets, and aren't in the need of services from a company that specializes in those areas. It can also help in the health issues because it can let doctors or even people at home create check lists, and they themselves can figure out symptoms they have to a particular disease or illness. This will also in affect cause harm to the economy because now people can figure out their illness by themselves and don't have to spend money on a doctor to tell them what they could find out for themselves. The two



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