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One-Page Report on Seminar/conference/training and Other Activities Attended.

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Essay Preview: One-Page Report on Seminar/conference/training and Other Activities Attended.

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Name of Personnel        :        Kyle Nathan G. Naranjo

Title of Conference        :        1st SEAMEO RECSAM Science Olympiad 2019

Place/Venue        :        Penang, Malaysia

Date        :        March 5-8, 2019

Highlights of the Activity:

        Explain what the highlights of the whole activity were and what happened during those highlights.

        Some of the highlights of the event as a whole were the actual activities, the grand dinner, the awarding, and the island tour. The activities were the main highlight of SEASO and were comprised of 4 levels: the Quiz Bowl, Egg Drop, Presentation, and Water Rocket. What made the activities exciting was the fact that it was participated by students from various countries. This meant that the competition was tough, since I have never participated in an international event prior to SEASO. The grand dinner happened after finishing all activities. Each country had to prepare a presentation about their country in a form of a dance, a video, or an actual PPT presentation. The awarding was definitely one of the most memorable things about SEASO. I could remember our nervousness as names were called, as well as the smiles on our faces when we were announced as champions for the student category. In addition, I was also very honored to receive the Ambassador award for having the most points in the Quiz Bowl. The island tour was done in the afternoon after the awarding ceremony. We got to visit one place where we could shop for souvenirs and explore their markets.

Recommended Follow-Through Actions:        

                      I hope the school will participate in other activities organized by SEAMEO RECSAM. The SEASO was the first of its kind, but I am thankful that the school allowed us to participate in this event.


        What do you think about the activity as a whole?

        I think that considering it was the first Science Olympiad organized by SEAMEO RECSAM, it was a successful event that surpassed my expectations. I couldn’t say anything negative about the experience except the food options, some technicalities, and the venue; however, it is important to note that these issues are relatively minor. In addition, SEASO is my first ever international competition, so it was an entirely different experience if compared to the national competitions I have participated in. Having won the competition, I believe that the school should continue sending out students for competitions. They should not be afraid of losing, since it can also be a learning experience. I hope that our winning can show that first timers can also be winners.



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