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The Trip On A Train

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It was a very early, chilly winter morning. As I got into the train, carrying a small luggage, it was very quiet- there were only a few passengers. I went upstairs and sat down on a two person seat next to the window.

There was a women sitting in front of me, with messy hair tied up into a bun. Across the other side, on a six seater, sitting opposite direction to me, a man in suite wearing a black hat, tilting to one side was reading a newspaper. He opened the newspaper fully so it was covering the whole body and the head except the hat and his shoes. His shoes are polished. There was not even a dust or wrinkles. He also had a black suitcase. For a few stops, no one came into the train.

I looked out of the window and could not see even one person on the platform. The place was like deserted. After a few stops, the man got off. About three minutes later, another stop came and the women got off the carriage with two huge luggages.

The train stayed at the platform for a few minutes. Just then, a teenager about eighteen to twenty years old came into the train. She stood next to the door, leaning on the wall. She was wearing all black, a mini skirt with a shiny, silver belt and stockings with cress cross pattern on it. Her black hair was straight, smooth and looked soft with a side fringe covering one of her eye. She also wore a red headband.

More people started to aboard the train as time came. After two stops, another teenager came aboard and greeted the girl which they looked like friends. The teenager looked similar to the first girl but she had short, spiky hair and a blue ribbon on the head. She also wore a pink shirt.

As time kept passing, more and more passenger came into the train, until there was not much space left and all the seats were full. My stop finally arrived. I departed from the train and met my auntie and cousin who would bring me to their house as I was having



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