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Training And Mentoring Program

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Career Development Plan

Part II - Training & Mentoring Program

Training & Mentoring Needs

With the approaching merge of both the InterClean and EnviroTech sales force, extensive training is needed to ensure the company moves forward efficiently. Because of the new strategy that has been proposed, more knowledge is needed in all areas of the cleaning and sanitation industry. Training for salespersons will be needed in areas of environmental regulation, OSHA standards, and sanitation standards as it pertains to different industries. It is also essential for salespersons to undergo additional training in sales & communication as well as training procedures for customers. Existing and potential customers will also need to get an understanding of new regulatory standards in their industry and will be looking to sales representatives for their expertise. It is important that both InterClean and EnviroTech receive the same training as sales efforts should be consistent throughout the organization.

Objectives & Performance Standards

Upon completion of the training program, salespersons are expected to obtain the knowledge and tools to continue to be up to date with the cleaning and sanitation industry. They must possess the skill and know-how to successfully design customized packages and cleaning solutions for their customers. They should also be capable of training members of their team and new hires. With around 60 EnviroTech salespeople merging with InterClean within the next quarter, the sales team will have to effectively train others. As stated before, they will also be responsible for keeping their customer's up to date with new cleaning and sanitation trends, standards, and regulations.

Delivery Methods & Content

Industry specific sanitation standards and regulatory information will be conveyed through a classroom setting with supplemental workbooks for each team member. The facilitator will go through each industry and explain the new trends as well as the traditional methods of cleaning. Salespersons will then interact by incorporating their own experiences through role-playing. They will have to try to answer common questions that may be asked by customers and the team as a whole will provide feedback on the proper way to answer the questions. The team will also be provided with tools to continue their knowledge in the cleaning and sanitation industry. The facilitator will explain resources that can be used to obtain updated information in regards to different industries. The supplemental workbooks will serve as a refresher to the information given during the training. This will be something the salespersons can refer to throughout their tenure.

Customer service training will include procedures of the sale and handling issues as they arise. Again, participants will be asked to share their experiences with customers. They will learn the correct way to handle certain situations such as dealing with irate customers, or being faced with questions in which they do not have answers. They will participate in role-playing and group discussions and will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned. Customer retention will also be covered during the training as that is a main factor of InterClean's goals as an organization.

Team members will also participate in training to prepare them for educating customers and training future team members. Delivery methods appropriate for each training avenue will be discussed and tried amongst the participants. Once more, role-playing will be used heavily for this training. Team members should provide feedback to each other as to what methods work and if their delivery was effective. It is important for customers to understand information given to them regarding their industry. Likewise,



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