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Not Self but Others Service Project

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Not Self but Others Service Project

For my Service Project, I decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Since the beginning, I have been ecstatic about my project. I am a huge lover of animals; I always have been. I also adore helping others. I had so much fun with this. This project has affected me in many ways.

        You never truly know the life of someone else until you walk in their shoes; I walked in the shoes of a animal shelter employee for a few days; I learned more than I could ever explain. They do so much throughout the day, and the thing that stuck out to me is how much love and affection they put into their work as well and into the animals.

        While volunteering, I did many things. I walked the dogs, fed them, cleaned the kennels, and even cleaned the dogs as well. It was very interesting to experience everything they must do for the dogs. When people bring strays in, the workers must examine the dog and learn about their personality. Whether it’s a nice, mean, strong, kid- friendly, or hyper dog; they need to know so that way they can warn anyone who comes in and volunteers.

        I honestly believe that I used/experienced every dimension of wellness while doing my service project. Although, some more than others. A few that were used would be social, intellectual, and emotional. Social; because interacting with not only the people that I was helping, but the animals as well is a huge part of my project. I played with the dogs, and talked with the employees more than half the time I was volunteering. Social wellness was the biggest part of my project. Intellectual; because I came into this project ready to learn and experience new things, and I did. Emotional; because it takes so much love to take care of the animals, the right way. It makes such a big difference. When you can open up, and understand your feelings you will be able to understand others as well.



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