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Mys Political Roots Essay

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Nathan Newton

Date: 03/14/06


Political Roots Essay

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Political Roots

My political attitudes are more set towards liberal. Because when it comes to racial issues and paying back past mistakes, i dont think that we should have to. Now im not bein racist what so ever its just that our mistake was close to a couple hundred years ago, and its not like anyone that was a slave or discriminated against is still alive now, and if they are then give them recognition. But if someone is just a descendant

its not that big of a deal because they were'nt the ones being discriminated against or bein a slave. But other than that i am completely liberal, or Democratic. Now my family is completely different. My mom and dad are both republican, while my mom's mom, in other words, my grandmother is a democrat just like i am. Now my friends, i dont know but just by listening to them i think that they are mostly liberal, or democratic. But of course I have a few special friends that are republican, but there aren't that many.

When It comes to discussions me and my parents completely disagree on many issue's. But my grandmother and I do agree on most. Now my friends and I dont exactly talk about politics all that much. But mostly none of my parents or friends have really influenced me, but my grandmother has influenced me a couple times, and that was just because she convinced me that her view was better, just by explaining the situation. And that was about it.

Well actually I dont stay all that up-to-date on politics that much. I normally hear whats goin on by my parents or by my civics class. Other than that I havent really paid

attention. But lately I have been paying more attention to politics just because of civics class, and that class has shown me how much more interesting, and how much more i like politics.



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