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My Philosophy - Personal Essay

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When discussing my personal philosophy, I believe people are born evil by nature according to rules and regulations set by common standards. As a child, I had to be taught how to do things such as “share” and not be selfish, not be “disrespectful” and was given consequences for my negative behavior when I displayed explosive temper tantrums. As a parent, I have to teach my three year old toddler the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, greed and giving. He wasn’t born wired with the ability to automatically show positive traits and charactistics. Although there are times now that he is older he has the ability to “be good”, I have seen that it is a lot easier to be “bad” since we are born with “animal instincts”.

Then I ask myself who made these the rules? Why do we have boundaries? Why does he have to “share” something that belongs essentially to “him”? If I ask him to complete a task and he says “no” or feels the need to act out his emotions by falling out onto the ground, why can’t he? I display my anger sometimes by arguing or separating myself when I don’t want to be bothered, I tell individuals “no” when I don’t want to do something, why can’t he? Who defined evil and good? I ask myself was it the Bible? Who really wrote the bible and how do I know if those words were truly inspired by God? The question is I don’t know. But as an adult, I understand the good that people can be and display. Sure, I would love to rob a bank without getting a trouble, however I know that that is “bad” and the good thing to do is to “work” for what I want in this tough society.

I believe change occurs through our experiences, personal beliefs, things we cannot control and fears. I believe the universe is designed in a way that can be changed through our thoughts and actions. “Your thoughts control the world around you”. In college, I learned the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy which has a foundation of concepts that confirms that our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our behaviors and then our behaviors, or actions, reinforce our feelings



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