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My History - Personal Essay

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Tala 8M

Aaahhhh, it feels so good to be back as obsidian once again. It sure has been a long time, I was obsidian, then black sand then sandstone and then quartzite and now, obsidian at last. I will go into more detail on that later on but I should probably tell you more about my history. I’m pretty sure this life will be much more different that the last, as I am not in high security prison nor am I a common black obsidian. What I've learnt about my life so far is that I'm very famous, as I am a blue and yellow swirled obsidian, which is very rare. Obsidian rocks can come in a variety of colours however the most common is black. However, we can come in as brown, tan or green. Only the famous V.I.O’s (very important obsidian) come in the rare colours’ blue, red, orange and yellow. Other obsidians would come in two colours that would be swirled together in one specimen. The most common combination is brown and black. This combination is called, “mahogany obsidian”. Now let’s talk about my experience of the obsidian life cycle. I am formed when hot lava is extruded from a volcano and cools and hardens too quickly therefore I don’t form any crystals. Instead I become a volcanic glass, obsidian. After being weathered and eroded I start a new life as black sand. I was then compacted and cemented into a detrital sedimentary rock since its made up of sediments of other rocks called sandstone. Through heat and pressure I went and was turned into the metamorphic rock, quartzite, I don't even want to think of that embarrassing life, nor talk about, I DIDNT MEAN TO LET PAPER BEAT ROCK WHILE CREATING THE GAME. Anyways, I recently went through melting and  became obsidian once again, I hope this life will be a better one than the last one. Today, I am a famous extrusive igneous rock in the category of volcanic glass named Obsius.

So far, I have been placed in the great country of Canada, you would expect being a rock to be boring, being place in a spot not being able to move. I’ve been lucky enough to be place in this small cafe called Tim Horton’s which is a very popular cafe in Canada. why it isn't boring you might ask, I can hear every little gossip and frankly ice got some drama solvers in mind. for example, this girl, Amanda, has to seriously get her life back on track, all she does is fangirl over some boys she can see on this little box looking machine. If she could here me talk I would be like, guuurrrllll, you gotta get your life back on track. Anyways, I got a little side tracked back there but this story does lead to something. According to some girl’s essay on obsidian my minerals are a mixture of cryptocrystalline grains of silica minerals in a glass-like suspension, a super-cooled liquid.



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