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My Life - Personal Essay

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I’ve always enjoyed solving problems. Be it a math puzzle, or teaching my grandpa to use the computer, or finding out why our roof was leaking during monsoons. Being highly motivated, and determined that solving real-world problems is what I want to do, I joined ZS Associates, a consulting firm where I have been working with top global pharmaceutical giants and great business leaders. While I enjoy my work, and continue to learn, I already appreciate the significance of formal business understanding in deriving insights from data. Without the necessary domain expertise and business knowledge, it is impossible to obtain impactful results. This is where the YLP program comes in, helping me gain comprehensive business knowledge to understand how businesses function.

The program will enable me to focus on my career in a structured manner and accelerate my professional growth. The learning and mentorship weekends will help educate us with the prerequisites of a B-school education and expose us to various career options and opportunities. ISB’s diverse cohort, resources, and a stellar faculty with the likes of Bruce Allen (of Wharton), and Sheshadri (of the ISB), among others, would help create an unforgettable, satisfying and enriching educational experience. Clubs on campus like the Consulting Club, and ICONs, will provide me with a unique opportunity to learn and interact with peer groups outside of the classroom, giving me a more holistic approach to understanding business consulting.

In the future, I plan to work as a consultant in a management consulting firm like McKinsey, or Bain. I want to go beyond the role of a Decision Analyst, exploring the strategic and operational aspects of business consulting, and understanding the nuances of setting up a business. Eventually, I’d like to handle diverse consulting projects across various industries and gain an in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by businesses, allowing me



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