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Media In Politics

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Media's Mystifying Role

The president holds one of the most import positions in American government, thus it is his stand on war, health care, and individual rights which is most prominent, unfortunately many times the mass media works as a smoke screen in defusing the important political platforms and focusing on the circus like affairs that may be associated with the campaign.

A strong leader has always been needed to lead our country; it is now more than ever that we need someone who has the fortitude to lead our county to a positive end to the War in Iraq. Unfortunately, any talk of the War in Iraq has become media spectacle were the public is often bombarded with strong media bias. This bias comes often from news media with there own political agenda and self interest at heart. Therefore, the important issues, such as the war are often made unclear and are distorted by the media.

As we move into a world of ever increasing medical cost, health coverage for many families is non-existent. The issue of weather or not the government should be involved in the daily well being of its citizen has often turned into a ludicrous debates spurred on by the media. Often the importance a health care becomes overshadowed by the by the media circus and frequently becomes a party line issue. Unfortunately, the issue of weather of not the government should be more intrusive into out lives often becomes misconstrued in the needs of the media to create conflict.

Another important issue that must be closely considered is the enforcement or revision of the patriot act. A candidate's position on this piece of legislation is a reflection on their felling about the war, personal liberties, and how large the government can expand during a time a crisis. Ironically, this important piece of legislation has often been subject to increasing media propaganda often energized by major broadcasting stations. It's



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