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Media And Body Image

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The media can have a low self body image on women. The media concentrates so much on how thin women should be and there are so many advertisements with women who are very thin. Women begin to believe that they can never add up to the models shown in advertisements. This can lead to many eating disorders such as Bulimia, anorexia nervosa and overeating. These eating disorders are very serious and are usually caused by body image problems. Adolescents especially struggle with body image problems. They feel they need to be thin and toned to be excepted in society. The media places so much emphasis on being thin that it causes society to think that being thin is the norm and that a person is healthy if they are thin. Many women struggle with body image when they look at magazines, watch movies, or view commercials. For example, when a woman goes to the checkout counter at a grocery store there is almost always a magazine with statements on the cover such as, "Lose 10 pounds fast", or "5 steps to a thinner body". Another media issue is with advertisements for diet pills and food including nutrition bars and drinks. Advertisements push the sale of diet pills and food everyday. Women feel that taking the diet pills is a great way to lose weight so they can fit in and be skinny, but what they dont realize is that a lot of diet pills aren't alway good for you. Physicians usually put patients on diet pills when they are obese or severely overweight to the point where there health is in danger if they dont do something about it.



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