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Marketing Plan

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The answers of question 1: This report is made for the CTO of a medium sized private company. The report will discuss and explain the differences between the internet and intranet. The report will also show that whether or not it would be beneficial to have an intranet for the business. Firstly, the following words will discuss the definitions and differences between the internet and intranet. The definition of internet was described (Stephen, 2003) that the internet is a collection of hundreds of local and wide area networks that are now connected together via the internet backbone (i.e. the main electronic connections of the systems). Collin (2003) describing the internet as an “information superhighway” makes sense because it now connects almost 200 million people in more than 200 countries electronically just as a set of state, interstate, and international highways connect people physically. The definition of intranet was described (Stephen, 2003 like that because internet software is so convenient to use, many companies also create their own intranets for internal communications purpose. These are networks that use the same software as the internet, but are internal to the organization that created them. Thus, outsiders cannot access the information on intranet networks. The differences between internet and intranet can be described like following words: Used in different range: internet was used in the worldwide, intranet used within company. Different size: internet is a collection of huge information from worldwide, intranet only delivers information within the members of a company. Accessed by inside/outside users: internet can be accessed with every user from any corner from the world, intranet is only can be accessed with the authorized outside users company members. Secondly, if the company does have a connection to the internet than a intranet is necessary and beneficial for the business because businesses find out that intranet systems allows more users to access and interact with a range of internal and external databases. There are many strong search engines coupled with an intranet can deliver user-defined information when needed. This effective of the business running will improve by the access of internet and intranet.

The answers of question 2: This system flowchart is not complying with the correct guidelines. Firstly, the drawing of flowchart should begin from the upper-left corner and draw from top to bottom and from left to right. This flowchart was draw from right-left corner and from bottom to top. Secondly, this flowchart was not draw that depend on system flowcharting symbols which is standardized. Thirdly, there is not a processing symbols should always be found between an input symbol and an output symbol. This flowchart break the sandwich rule.

The answers of question 3: (A): The importance of vendor control with an accounting information system can be described like that: • Cash forecasts and actual payment and receipt information; • Sales summary analyses,



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