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Marketing Plan For The Casey Agency

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Marketing Plan

The Casey Agency

I. Company Description

The Casey Agency was founded in 1979 by Daniel J. Casey in Roselle, Illinois. When the agency was first started it offered Property and Casualty Insurance. In 1988 Daniel earned his Series 6 and Series 63 licenses, allowing the agency to offer investment and variable products to our clients. The agency is contracted with “A” or better rated insurance carriers to provide our clients the unique opportunity of comparative pricing between carriers, without having to switch from an agency that they already trust.

In 2006 Christina Casey joined the agency and assisted in marketing and servicing until she acquired her Property, Casualty, Life, and Health licenses in 2007. As Dan’s clients needs have progressed he has worked to keep up with knowledge that can be beneficial to assisting his clients. Dan has taken a special interest in helping his clients plan for their future, and specializes in retirement planning.

Currently, the agency has evolved to offer Property, Casualty, Life, Health, and Commercial Insurance as well as offering about 66 different mutual fun families to our clients as well as many other variable products.

II. Business Mission

The Casey Agency’s mission is the marketing, sales, and service of insurance and investment products to individuals and companies, while incorporating a company value of personalized, informative, and old fashioned customer service.

III. Objectives

Through the use of marketing we expect the growth of a successful and profitable book of business through the promotion of The Casey Agency as a reputable, dependable, honest agency who is concerned with the individual needs of the client; while establishing The Casey Agency as an expert in the field of personal insurance and investment products with a special focus on building and maintaining personal, caring relationships with our clients.

- The Casey Agency is looking to increase spending on marketing and advertising by $2,000 a month; or $24,000 annually.

- Increase spending on purchasing of leads of all types by 10 % annually.

- Grow the book of business for end of 2008 by $1,000,000 gross premiums.

- After 2008, an annual growth of 50% on the book of business after adding new producers.

IV. Situation Analysis

Industry Analysis


With the emergence of entirely internet based insurance carriers, a need has been recognized by the industry to offer the client the 24/7 service that our society has become accustomed to and is demanding of. The offering of completely internet based insurance is detrimental to the agent/client relationship because most of the relationship is lost, or left up to chance only if a claim occurs. It has been recognized that 51% of consumers begin their insurance shopping online; but 83% of all policies sold, are still sold by insurance agents. This demonstrates that the client still has a desire to work independently with an agent, but would also like the perks offered by an internet carrier. The Casey Agency is striving to incorporate the new needs of the client, into the service and professionalism always offered by the agency.


The competitors of The Casey Agency are hard to define in terms of individual businesses. The competitors of The Casey Agency are other insurance agencies that offer different types of insurance or different insurance carriers. Because pricing in the insurance industry is based on the individual looking to become insured, no agency has a pricing advantage over the other.

However, in encounters with new clients they have expressed their appreciation in our prompt, professional servicing of their policy. As well as complimenting the agency on being a readily available resource for our clients to call if they are in need of clarification, help, or advice. Because our agency has always been focused on the individual needs of our clients we see this as a competitive advantage to our competitors because we do not only market that we are a caring agency, we live up to our promise.

Another advantage that The Casey Agency is confident to say that we have is the incorporation of both new and old techniques. Many agencies have become obsessed with technology so much to the point that clients have said they cannot speak with their agent unless through e-mail. At The Casey Agency we feel that it is important to keep up with the ever changing times, but it is more important to not forget the hard work that got you there in the first place. The Casey Agency incorporates e-mail correspondence, U.S. Postal Service mailing, telephone calls, and an in-person appointment to build the relationship with our clients that is so important to us.

Situational Analysis


- Focus on personalized service and approach to incorporate new and old business techniques.

- Daniel is a 3rd generation insurance agent, and Christina is a 4th generation insurance agent. This also infers that because their parents were agents they were raised to know the inner workings of the industry.

- Daniel has 28 years of experience in the personal insurance field.

- Different carriers offer the ability to write a more diversified book of business.

- Being a multi-carrier agency we can competitively quote our clients to ensure they are receiving the best rate for them.

- Daniel is LUTCF certified. (Life Underwriter’s Training Council Fellowship)

- All insurance providers that are contracted with The Casey Agency are “A” or better rated insurance providers by A.M. Best.

- Name recognition of largely known insurance providers. (Farmers, AAA, Progressive, MetLife, etc.)


- The Casey Agency is a 2 agent and 1



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