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Marketing Plan For Scent Sense

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The purpose of this document is to outline the marketing strategies for the revolutionary product that is Scent Sense. This document will be used to set goals to be achieved in the foreseeable future by further developing strategic plans for each section included in this marketing plan. Scent Sense is in the unique position to offer a high-quality device that will change people's computer experience. By enabling users to "get their smell on", we have positioned ourselves ahead of the pack. Our competition is non-existent at the present time, but when other entrants enter the field our skilled staff, strategic partnerships, and break-through technologies will allow us to continue on a the industry leader.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people "get their smell on" by producing and marketing a high quality computer peripheral device which enriches the everyday use of a computer by incorporating an individual's sense of smell.

Target Market

The target market for Scent Sense is women ranging in age from 22-65. These women are both busy professionals and homemakers who are technically savvy and who enjoy the latest in household gadgetry. They use computers in their home daily for looking up recipes, shopping, or playing games to help them unwind. Their computers are centrally located in the home; in a place the whole family can use and enjoy them. Income for these individuals will be over $40,000 per year. The estimated population for our target market within the United States is 180,059,026 (U.S. Census, 2006).


Marketing, education, communications and entertainment are typically produced to engage the senses of sight, touch and hearing. To capture the attention of 21st century human beings, all five senses need to be engaged. Currently there is no product on the market that allows computer users to experience the scent of various applications. Scent Sense is out to change that.

As everyday life becomes more and more tied to technology, people are missing the opportunity to associate smells to the various applications. Because smell is the sensory channel most associated with memories, there is an unprecedented demand for a product that combines multi-sensory engagement to enlarge the realm of human perception.

With our revolutionary device, Scent Sense is primed to be the clear industry leader. Scent Sense is a high-quality, innovative product that will help balance the information load people experience in everyday computer use by incorporating their sense of smell.


Scent Sense is a consumer specialty product that is characterized as being a computer peripheral device that incorporates the sense of smell into a world that otherwise uses just sight, touch and sound. The product is designed to allow users to "get their smell on."

As small as a box of tissues, Scent Sense is only 4.5" tall, 4.5" wide and 5" deep. The device only needs 271 kb of available space on a hard drive. Computers with at least a 550 MHz processor are best suited to run the device. The unit and it software are compatible with PC, Mac, and Unix operating systems - so any computer will do for operating Scent Sense Each unit is sold with "Scentsational" software that will guide consumers through installing the device so that it reads "scent files" and developing their own aromas (such as "Candy Cane-Apple-Vanilla-Coffee" or old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies).

The unit is powered through either four "D" batteries or an AC adaptor and connects to the computer though a USB plug. The consumer can choose from a variety of available colors such as Crystal Ice (clear), Black Ice (smoke gray), Sky (blue), Sunshine (yellow), Grass (green), and Petal (pink).

The standard cartridges hold 40 scents that mix together to form thousands of different aromas and is included in the purchase of a unit. Cartridges can be used hundreds of times before they need to be replaced. Refill cartridges will be available through the retailers.


Currently there is no other product on the market that allows consumers, for example, to look up a recipe for apple pie and suddenly get a whiff of the All-American classic. Scent Sense is a patented invention that is comprised of proprietary technology. However, as the product is accepted in the market and growth is experienced, we know that copy-cat competitors will enter with their own versions of sensory enhancing products. Our strategy is to stay abreast of technology changes that will add value to our product. We will also seek to lower costs as the expense of introducing the product to the market is recouped.

As the industry leader we are also in the position to create strategic partnerships, such as teaming with email providers to enable users to create "Scent Signatures" that will be attached to every email they send out, thus furthering ourselves from any other market participant. Another long-term strategy is to team with computer makers to incorporate a version of our product into the designs of computers which would include building computers to be able to accept credit card size refill cartridges (much like that a digital camera memory card).

Scent Sense will not be marketed as an "air freshener" but as consumers become more familiar with the product they will realize that the quality of the scent produced by Scent Sense is much higher than those produced from an aerosol can. They will also realize that the adjustable settings will allow the unit to produce scents strong enough to fill a whole room, without being to "chemically". For these reasons, we view the air freshener industry as an indirect competitor.

According to Research and Markets, Air Fresheners: Global Industry Guide (2007), the global air fresheners market grew by 5.1% in 2006 to reach a value of $3,342.6 million. In 2011, the global air fresheners market is expected to have an increase of 26%, since 2006, giving it a value of $4,213 million. Based on this statistical trend we anticipate that the air freshener market will realize a steady increase over the next few years.

The market is moving towards electric air fresheners, positioning Scent Sense into a high-growth area of the market. "Electrical air freshener sales



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