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Career Plan

Mr. John Cash


March 26, 2007

In addition to developing my career plan in specific yearly increments, I must also recognize several other factors important to turning a successful plan into a successful career. I must understand the reality of planning, how being a good leader and mentor for shipmates to follow.

I must realize that planning is the cornerstone of success in today's Navy. I must ensure that I set the example for both Officers and Enlisted men and women to follow. If I plan and manage my activities I will increase my probability for success. When I fail I must ensure that I don't lose from my mistake.

I must plan for both intensity and diversity. In my life, I must be good at something, good enough so that I can take pride in knowing that I am a valuable person and can do at least one thing well. I must choose and excel in one area; however, I must plan for some diversity as well. I must diversify my talents and assets to protect against catastrophic changes that may occur in my life.

I must recognize the power of time and knowledge. Sometimes, the better things in life are achieved incrementally-a little at a time. Adequate education, strong relationships, and perfected talents can all occur through gradual improvement. I need to be patient. Achievement of the better things in life also requires knowledge and experience. I must know something about the subject of my plans and seek out some experiences in this area. Planning is a process which requires the use of raw materials. I need knowledge and experience.

Career Plan


1 Industry: United States Military USS Chung Hung DDG-93

Position: Operations Department Operations Intelligence (OI) Division Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO)

Education: BA in Political Science

Description: As OI Division LCPO I am in charge of a division of twenty-five junior personnel onboard USS Chung Hung (DDG-93) Every day operations include maintenance and operations of the Aegis Combat Test Trainer. He is also responsible for the daily operations of the ship's helicopter hanger, ensuring that eh USS Chung Hung meets 31 aviation certifications.

3 Industry United States Military USS Chung Hung DDG-93

Position: Operations Department Leading Chief Petty Officer. Departmental (LCPO)

Education: Masters in Business Administration



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