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4. Individualized consideration. Transformational leaders pay special attention to each individual's needs for achievement and growth by acting as coach or mentor. Followers and colleagues are developed to successively higher levels of potential. Individualized consideration is practiced as follows: New learning opportunities are created along with a supportive climate. Individual differences in terms of needs and desires are recognized. The leader's behavior demonstrates acceptance of individual differences (e.g., some employees receive more encouragement, some more autonomy, others firmer standards, and still others more task structure). A two-way exchange in communication is encouraged, and "management by walking around" work spaces is practiced. Interactions with followers are personalized. (e.g., the leader remembers previous conversations, is aware of individual concerns, and sees the individual as a whole person rather than as just an employee). The individually considerate leader listens effectively. The leader delegates tasks as a means of developing followers. Delegated tasks are monitored to see if the followers need additional direction or support and to assess progress; ideally, followers do not feel they are being checked on. (5-6)

Of particular importance in describing the complexity of this definition is the number of words in the definition that have subjectively varied and philosophically complex referents. A careful re-reading of the first item above with such words emphasized is significant:

1. Charismaticleadership or idealized influence. Transformationalleaders behave in ways that result in their being role modelsfor their followers. The leaders are admired, respected, and trusted. Followers identifywith the leaders and want to emulate them. Among the things the leader does to earnthis creditis considering the needs of others over his or her own personal needs. The leader shares riskswith followers and is



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