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Performance appraisals are conducted yearly for each staff employee. Semiannual or quarterly reviews are recommended to foster better communication between supervisors and employees in assessing progress, jointly developing new plans and objectives, and clarifying expectations for the coming year.

This process is designed to improve job understanding, promote more effective job performance, and establish future goals for career growth. Some goals of the performance appraisals are to provide staff members with feedback on their performance and accomplishments for the previous year. This program should also assist staff members in understanding their job responsibilities and supervisor's performance expectations. Performance goals for the upcoming year and specific plans to help staff members meet those goals should also be established through this process.

During each annual appraisal conference the employee and supervisor review the employee's performance during the previous year measured against standards set at the start of the year. Both successes and failures are reviewed. It is constructive to take the time to understand why certain objectives were successfully achieved and what prevented the successful achievement of other objectives. This review helps to set and achieve new objectives in the year ahead. A key part of the appraisal process is a self-review by the employee, which will allow the employee to review his or her own performance. This can enhance two-way communication between the employee and supervisor. Employees should discuss job expectations, developmental plans, concerns, and areas the employee feels that additional training would be helpful. The supervisor and the employee should discuss the employee's self-review during the appraisal discussion. If the appraisal discussion is not satisfactory, problems or disagreements should be discussed between the employee and the supervisor. If problems still exist after this process, the employee or supervisor may contact Human Resources for confidential guidance

Any employee(s) who have been under the direction of more than one supervisor during the performance review period (for example, an employee who transferred from one department to another) may be evaluated by both the previous and current supervisors. The current supervisor, however, has the primary responsibility for completing the performance appraisal.

New employees are in an introductory period for 6 months from their hire date if they are classified staff, or 12 months from their hire date if they are professional staff. At the end of that period, the employee's job performance will be reviewed through the performance appraisal process.

If an employee has attained permanent status in their department and receives a special appraisal rating of below expectations or unsatisfactory in accordance with our policy, the rater, with the cooperation of higher level supervisors, shall communicate in writing to the employee necessary for improvements to address the identified deficiencies. The President or designee may remove the employee from the company if adequate improvement is not made in the employee's performance at any time during the subsequent appraisal period(s) following the initial below expectations or unsatisfactory



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