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AmeriCold is the largest provider of temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution services in the country. We have over 100 facilities across the nation with over half a billion cubic feet of refrigerated capacity. AmeriCold is experienced in the design, construction, and operation of temperature-controlled and dry facilities. In fact, manufacturers have trusted our expertise for more than 45 years to handle everything--from facility layout to labor management to implementing warehouse management systems. Whether plant-attached or a dedicated distribution facility, we ensure that every project we oversee provides for a highly efficient and cost effective environment for material handling. Tony Schnug is the Chief Executive Officer of AmeriCold Realty Trust. Mr. Schnug serves on the Board of Directors of Source Interlink Corporation and Digital-On-Demand, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles and is a native of California. Americold Logistics is a functional organization where work is divided into several departments such as: sales and marketing, accounting, department managers, human resources, customer service and operations. Our company is strictly focused on the customer wants and needs and how we can supply both demands. Using a customized set of optimization tools and techniques, we analyze and model your current supply chain and make practical recommendations for reducing costs, improving service and enabling intelligent decision making. At AmeriCold, our supply-chain optimization team analyzes the entire supply chain to define initiatives with high pay-back potentialвЂ"solutions that can be implemented to optimize service, costs and profitability.



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