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Leadership Concepts

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet



Michelle invested everything she had into Gene One and, as a result, feels a strong sense of ownership and emotional attachment to the company. Organization Commitment is when the employees emotional attachment to, identification with, and involvement in a particular organization.(McShane & Gilnow 2005.)


Angela Thomas resign as VP of Technology Research,

because her passion was doing pure and applied research, not pleasing Wall Street and become IPO. Values represent stable, long lasting beliefs about what is important in a variety of situations that guide our decisions and actions (McShane & Gilnow 2005.)

Organization Culture

Gregg was concerned about How Don plan to tell the employees about the transformation and they may not want to be part of this new transformation to start an IPO.

Organization Culture is the basic pattern of shared assumptions, values and beliefs governing the way employees with in an organization think about and action problems and opportunities. (McShane & Gilnow 2005)

Socio emotional Cohesiveness

Don was convincing the Board of Directors that it was not necessary to replace some of his loyal team member. They have dedicated their time and they have been successful working together as a team. Socio emotional Cohesiveness is a sense of togetherness that develop when individuals derive emotional satisfaction from group participation.


Teri sent Don an e-mail letting him know she was not happy about the IPO and she was not sure if Gene One was the right place



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