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Leadership Concept Worksheet

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet

This writer will analyze some situations of the Gene One’s scenario applied to specific concepts of the organizational culture, knowledge management and effective teamwork through cooperation, trust and cohesiveness.

Leadership Concepts Worksheet

Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation Reference to Concept in Reading

Organizational culture

Gene One’s CEO and senior leadership team have a proactive and open door management organization. After the CEO returned from a board meeting with the approved proposal, the first thing that the chief executive officer did was, share with the leadership team a summary of the board’s strategy dissertation. During the following meeting between these stakeholders, the organization leader exhorts them to determine as a team the following strategy to success this opportunity and identify any challenges they might foresee.

These two actions project the organizational culture in Gene One; the company is open to new opportunities and all stakeholders have the opportunity to be heard during this challenge process. “Organizational culture is the basic pattern of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs considered to be the correct way of thinking about and acting on problems and opportunities facing the organizations” (McShane & Van Glinow, 2005)

Organizational subcultures

Analyzing Gene One’s organizational culture of preservation of the stakeholders, one can identify a growing organizational subculture formed by some senior leadership, whose have the perception that in order to implement the company’s growing plan they should consider replacing staff.

This counterculture, leads these senior leaders to be actives supervisors of the company’s growth process. “ Employees who hold countercultural values are an important source of surveillance and critique over the dominant order” (McShane & Van Glinow, 2006) “ Subcultures, particularly countercultures, potentially create conflict and dissension among employees, but they also serve two important functions” (McShane & Van Glinow, 2005) Ch 16

Knowledge Management The CEO and senior leadership team have the advantage that before beginning the implementation of the strategy, they are conscious of the opportunities with their intellectual, structural and relationship capital; these stakeholders are aware as well that have zero experience with IPOs. Don Ruiz encourages Gene One’s team to look for the education needed and visualized the grafting as a way to recruited new talents.

This company’s organizational behavior is from the “ new economy,” where the most valued input is knowledge” (McShane & Van Glinow, 2005) Ch1

They are focused in the knowledge management process, specifically in the knowledge use and acquisition. “Knowledge management is any structured activity that improves an organization’s capacity to acquire, share, and use knowledge in ways that improve its survival and success” (McShane & Van Glinow, 2005)


During the CEO meeting with



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