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Leadership Concepts Worksheet

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet



November, 2007

Leadership Concepts Worksheet

Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation Reference to Concept in Reading

Organizational culture

The team must evaluate its current goals and make sure those goals meet and align with the core values of the organization and make sure that it can sustain the same growth trend it's had over the last eight years. "Organizational culture is the basic pattern of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs governing the way employees within an organization think about and act on problems and opportunities," (Mcshane & Glinow, 2005, p.p. 3).

(Chapter 16)

Organizational commitment Don and other team leaders have placed significant value, including financial investment, to the success of the organization. Original founders are committed to each other as well as the organization (friendships and family ties). "Organizational commitment refers to the employee's emotional attachment to, identification with, and involvement in a particular organization" (McShane & Glinow, 2005, p.p. 32).

(Chapter 4)

Organizational learning

Gene One must perform market research and benchmarking to determine the "best practices" within the market in order to sustain growth and profit while implementing its IPO transformation. "Organizational learning is the knowledge management process in which organizations acquire, share and use knowledge to succeed" (Mcshane & Glinow, 2005 p.p. 40).

(Chapter 1)


The Gene One Leadership team lacked a sense of cohesiveness in their views and direction the company should focus. The lack of cohesiveness within the group was obvious during the March 8, team meeting. Some of the team leaders were combative due to the different view-points each displayed. Some team members were pleased with the IPO transformational process, while others were unsupportive. "Cohesiveness is a process whereby a sense of we-ness emerges to transcend individual differences and motives" (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004, p.p. 24).

(Chapter 13)

Team Building In the Gene One scenario, some key team leaders expressed doubt in other members and their abilities to effectively manage the newly suggested changes. Team members began to suggest replacements as they believed the replacements would provide the company with a stronger ability of implementing the changes.

"Team building is a catch-all term for a whole host of techniques aimed at improving the internal functioning of work groups" (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004, p.p. 42).

(Chapter 13)




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