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Lagaan Movie Review

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  The Indian movie Lagaan which was directed by director Ashutosh Gowariker in 2001. The background of this movie is India was a colony of England in 1893. At that time, Indian people was endure poor and starving, also all the farmers in India have to pay lots tax to the British government for the protection of India.

  Because lack of rain in India, the lands were very dry and people decide to ask their Rajah Puran Singh to put off the tax. When waiting for the Rajah, Gauri feels that comparable to the Indian kids game gilli-danda, the cricket game looks too silly.

The Captain Andrew Russell had a discussion with Bhuvan before, his comment that if  Bhuvan to play a match against the British team and win the game, they do not have to pay Lagaan for the next three years; if not , they must pay in that year. In order to help poverty Indians, finally Bhuvan accepts the race. The Captain Russell's sister Elizabeth realizes that the competition is unfair to the Indians; therefore, Elizabeth decides to teaching Bhuvan and his friends how to play cricket.

  This Indian movie is really deserved an Oscar nomination. The story of this movie is nice and the music is wonderful. The film has lots of romantic plot and also include some historical elements. Moreover, the conflict Indian villagers with the British occupiers are very dramatic, and through this movie I learned what is the cricket and how to play it. To thinking about the message of this movie, it shows that Indian people never fear the difficulties and they are brave, patience, and they value of teamwork. Personally, this movie is inspiring and touched me a lot and I really enjoy for watching that.



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