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Labor History

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UberFLAC v0.89 - tools to help with ЬberStandard 3.0/FLAC rips


These rather hackish tools help with ЬberStandard 3.0/FLAC rips.

FLACScript enforces and checks MD5 sums for FLAC rips, and does

it better than oggscript. It also generates standard-compliant

MD5 checksum files now, that anything else like md5sum or hksfv

can check too.

UberTrans allows you to safely transcode FLAC rips to the other

UberStandard formats. Yes, it only works on FLAC. Deal with it,

that'll never change.

Instructions for installation:


I apologise for the following rather unformatted drivel. I haven't

had time, but the instructions are all here. I hope.

1. Install ActiveState ActivePerl: ( here:

- later versions should work OK, check the website

for details, you do _not_ need to enter anything or register, use the latest Windows MSI build)

2. Create a new directory C:uber

3. Unpack this archive to the C:uber directory, so you have directories: C:uberutils

C:uberripFLAC C:ubertransFLAC and C:ubertransAPS (and several others under

trans, one for each format).


You need to put C:uberutils in your $PATH, do it like this:

(instructions are for Windows XP, other versions may vary)

a) Press WinKey+Pause/Break to bring up System Properties (alternatively, right-click My Computer and select Properties)

b) Switch to Advanced tab

c) Press Environment Variables button near the bottom of the dialog

d) In the bottom half of this Environment Variables dialog is a system variables list. You'll see Path in there. Edit it; DO NOT overwrite everything in it. Your system needs that stuff, so be careful here and do exactly what I say: Press

Home (go to the beginning), type "C:uberutils;" without the quotes EXACTLY,

including that semicolon at the end (don't insert any spaces or anything!), and

press Return. Your Path should look SOMETHING like this:


It may be longer or different, but it gives you an idea what to expect.

e) Press OK in this dialog and OK again in the previous dialog to commit the changes.

f) Reboot for the new changes to take effect.


WinKey+R (Run), type cmd, press return (to open a command prompt)

for when you come back:




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