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La. Crash Sobriety Test

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Essay Preview: La. Crash Sobriety Test

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Marius Schulz

English KS1


LA.Crash                    scene analysis

The film „LA Crash“ is an US-american film from 2004. It is directed by Paul Haggis and has won an Oscar for the best film (2006). One of the most significant scenes of the whole film is the one in which Officer Ryan does the traffic check on Christine and Cameron Thayer.

Officer Ryan and his partner officer Hansone are police officers of San Fernando (Los Angeles).

The father of officer Ryan suffers from problems with his prostate. Before the scene starts, officer Ryan calls a women who should give him an appointment at the doctor´s. The woman, Shaniqua Johnson, is unable to give him an appointment. Officer Ryan is angry on her and insults her because of her dark skin colour. After the phone call, the upset officer walks back to his police car.

The scene starts with a chinese man who drives a yellow delivery van through the view on officer Ryan walking down the street. From the van comes loud pop-music.

After a cut we see the two officers through a side wondow. They are sitting in their police car, observing the steet when the police radio announces a search warrant on a black car with a young black driver.

As Ryan notices a black SUV with a dark-skinned driver, he starts to chase him with the police car.

After the second cut we see both officers through the windscreen, officer Ryan the right side, driving, officer Hanson on the left side, trying to convince his partner that he´s pursuing the wrong

car. As Hanson mentioned, the driver is too old to be the wanted one and the license plate does not accord with the given information. Nevertheless Ryan keeps following the car. During the conversation the camera changes between the two faces, revealing their expressions.

While The young officer is getting tired of his partner and his stubbornness, whereas Ryan let us see a little static, musing, maybe a little crual smile. Whilst they´re talking, the music “Safe now“ starts to play.

The next cut carts us in officer Ryans point of view, looking trough the backlight of the black SUV.



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