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Viva La Revolution

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Viva La Revolution

What would it take to stir up the courage to bear arms against the government? The courage remains hidden for now. But when the time is right, when the future becomes the present, and the scene is set the courage of the people will shine true. This scene must be set to trigger the emotion and release the nationalism. Some occurrences that could stir the needed courage, regardless of the consequences, would be, in my eyes, perhaps the reinstatement of the Draft's Board or any dictatorship actions performed by the government. A revolt could take place even at a simple rise of taxes.

The Drafts Board remained in use through many wars. But these wars and these ways of thinking are behind the American people. And perhaps behind the thinking of the American Government also. And if it were by some sick twist of fate ever reinstated many veterans and others would be bound to take a stand. The young people of America deserve their right to chose if they want to defend their country in war. The very freedom they have been chosen to protect would be gone. Therefore they must retain their right to chose.

Our country was created by the struggle of a common people for a democratic government. And who in their right mind would not fight to keep their right to choose the leader of their country. That is what a democracy is about. If the American people decided to just let the government standardize us into certain categories we would be denying the honor of those who died to give us our individuality in the first place. Our government defends those who are caught in a dictatorship political structure, then the people must defend themselves from being in need of defense like those who we currently aide. In this situation Americans would have nearly no choice but to defend themselves by revolting.

As the saying goes, only two things



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