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Inner Change For Outer Development

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Nowadays, people get so pre-occupied with their external environment that they don't feel attention to themselves. This typical scenario has been the concern for almost every person in this planet. The ones who are affected are mostly those who belong to the urbane society. Professionals, self-employed individuals and students belong to this social order. The paradox of our time as shown here affects us always in our daily activities. We tend to forget ourselves and pay much interest on our day-to-day work.

What is then the way for self-awareness to get back into our senses?

Inner change for outer development is the main concern of this dissertation. First, the assessment of our own values must be taken into consideration. Let us reflect on what we want we did. Either on the school, offices, or even on the streets, let us contemplate what we have done. Did we do the right thing? If this query answers our trivial minds as no, then it's time to change our ways. Change can either be on the lighter side: it can bring a rather exuding feeling of calmness and peace inside ourselves. Or, on the other hand, on the dark side of it: changing to become more egocentric and excluding yourself into the world. If we change, we must then aim for the better and not choose the latter. What is then the value of change if the results don't give a positive outcome; a waste.

We can start by accepting our own weaknesses as individuals. Let us not become intolerant to others feelings. Helping them would be much better than secluding yourself on the world and merely doing nothing. Check the values, which you have uploaded. Ethics such as: compassion for others, love, understanding, patience and a whole lot more. Reality check: did we follow these traits? If still the retort is a no, then strive harder to become a more interpersonal individual. Feelings of uncertainty often cloud our logical mind on whether following these ideal traits or did we follow our wants and likes. Lastly, the best way to change internally is to seek the aid of God. In times that we really need his guidance, He will not hesitate to set our minds on the right path.

Transformation is the key to develop on the outside. Attitudes toward the betterment of our inner selves are the components on shifting from the usual selves into a more ideal figure in our society. A figure that is accepted in our society and cared for by other people who also try to endeavor on the right values. But change doesn't only involve our own selves, but also the aid of other persons. Through the help of the parents, friends, teachers and classmates, we can interestingly



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