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Information Systems In Free Clinics In Poor Urban Communities

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Information systems are very important in healthcare because it is the process of creating data, transmitting data, retrieving data and storing data. More now than in recent years, the healthcare industry is promoting information systems because an effective system is essential in providing safe, quality healthcare. Information is unlimited in our society but is often displayed in raw, unstructured ways that are not effective to use until organized to meet individual needs.

In free clinics based in poor urban communities they have the same basic needs as larger facilities and hospitals. One disadvantage is the difficulty in financing information system options. Creating an information system within an organization that had basic tools to provide communication and treatment is very expensive. Being that free clinics rely on government assistance and money from community grants and service people with poor economic levels, it is hard to find the resources to incorporate information systems. Another disadvantage is finding qualified workers to maintain these complex systems. When an IT worker is recruited, there is an increased percentage of job turnover and job dissatisfaction because of lower wages and the possibility of late payment because of the lack of government funding. Most free clinics feel that it would be easier to train a nurse or other worker on the information system in order to keep permanent placement.

There are many advantages to information systems in free clinics. One of those advantages is the increase of communications within the clinic. There will be an increase of shared information passed to and from, patients, providers, radiology, the pharmacy and the lab. There will be a reduction in common identification errors that occur very frequently in the healthcare setting. Patients will be able to transition from service to service within the clinic without going through the whole registration and identification



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