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Hr Management

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Human Resource Management

This project is designed to show what I have learned in the Human Resource Management course. The project provides guidelines on the information I learned in class about real life scenarios. This would give me the opportunity to identify and explain all the factors that relate to organizational behavior. I intend to demonstrate my knowledge and my ability to implement the skills that I have acquired in this class.

In the movie “Gladiator” Russell Crowe plays the role of the Roman general Maximus, who was betrayed by his friends and was ordered to be killed. He was able to escape death and return home, where he found his wife and son killed by the New Emperor. Maximus sought revenge, but he was captured by slave traders and was brought to the gladiator school. Once again Maximus showed great potential as an outstanding fighter and a leader. His decisions were quick, which made his spectators love him. Maximus was selected to go to the gladiator game in Rome; if he lived there, he would be granted freedom. Maximus accepted the offer and went to Rome. During the games, Maximus proved that he was a great leader and warriorвЂ"he was able to capture his spectators. The New Emperor was extremely frightened when he recognized Maximus as a potential threat. The Emperor had many enemies and with Maximus being in Rome, his situation was worsened. Maximus was going to over throw the Emperor with the aid of Senate and the Emperor’s sister. Maximus’ army was loyal to him; they would help him avenge his family and over throw the Emperor. The plot against the Emperor failed, which lead Maximus’ face-to-face confrontation with the Emperor in the Coliseum. The Emperor stabbed Maximus before the match, which made him very weak. Despite the wounds inflicted by the Emperor, Maximus was able to defeat and kill the Emperor. Maximus too died (from his wounds) but he accomplished his goal to avenge his family.

In my opinion Maximus is an extravert owing to his ability to get along with people. He had a lot of energy, and has a great deal of relationships with other characters in the movie. Throughout the movie, Maximus showed his ability to deal with people in many situations. For example, in the beginning of the movie, when he was fighting the barbarians before the battle he drove throughout his army talking to his soldiers and getting them ready. Another instance is when he was able to get along with other slaves during his captivity. Maximus seemed like he was always energized, during his battle seen he provide enough energy to motivate his soldiers and his gladiator friends in order to keep them alive. Maximus had a few friendships during the movie; one was with a slave from Africa they opened up to each other about their personal lives and their emotions. Maximus also got really close with the slave trader who was a former gladiator who won his freedom. Another important relationship was with the old Emperor of the Roman Empire, the Caesar. Maximus and Caesar were really close friends just like father and son and because of Caesar’s decision to make Maximus a new Emperor he was betrayed and family was murdered.

Maximus is more of the intuitive person throughout the movie as seen in his daydreams, where he fantasies about his farm and his family. Maximus is somewhat bothered by reality, he wants to live in his dream. During the movie he talks about his family and his farm and how he wants to get back to that civilian life. In the last scene of the movie when he died he sees himself going home to his wife and his son.

Maximus is sensitive; he is emotional, subjective, and personal when he is dealing with other people. The movie shows Maximus talking to Caesar right before his deathвЂ"this scene shows his soft side, and his feelings for the Emperor and the new emperor’s sister. When he has a conversation with her about her personal live he relates to her and make her understand right from wrong. Maximus’ friends try to help him cope with his problems. For example, Maximus’ friend from Africa helps him explains to him that, that if he wants it bad enough, one day he can rejoin his family and his dreams will come true. Maximus is also very persuasive especially when he was trying to set up the plot against the new Emperor by convincing his fellow gladiators to help him escape to get in touch with his loyal army.

I believe in the movie Maximus is portrayed as a judging and perceptive type. He makes his decisions based on the situation at hand and waits till the last moment to execute them. He also makes the decisions ahead of time and assumes the positive outcome. During the movie I was able to observe both types. In the beginning of the movie Maximus led his army against the barbarians and it was clear example of judgement. He knew where to position his army and he knew what to expect from the barbarians in order to win the battle and he was happy with the outcome. He was also portrayed as perceptive type, during his battle at the Coliseum he waited till the last minute to make a decision and execute it, even though he won the battle he lost men and he wasn’t very pleased with the results. If Maximus had more time to prepare the outcome would have been the same and with less casualties.

In the article “Are two departments better than one?” I was able to identify a few issues regarding the organizational behavior in the company. In this article, the issues that were addressed were cultural changes due to the merger of two companies. It explains that cultural changes are detrimental to the company’s future behavior. Since the acquired company will be forced to change it’s previous culture, many employees will be faced with a difficult task of adapting to the new management and new cultural structure. Since this will be a difficult task on the acquired company the acquiring company should implement employee involvement programs where employees can give their outlook on the new cultural program. With an employee involvement the difficult tasks could be solved in a relatively faster manner. Another program that could help integrate the new culture should be an employee-training program, where employees can learn about the new culture and new rules and regulations that will be implemented in the organization. If the acquired company is going to try to get employees involved and trained to adapt to the new culture this would increase employee moral and increase the productivity.

The second issue I was able to identify is working in teams with an acquired company to achieve the common goal. This is a very important



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