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Hr Management

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the backbone of every company. From a business standpoint, Human Resource Management does many things from being a strategic partner with the corporate structure, dealing with Equal Opportunity issues, job analysis, employee testing, recruiting and hiring, training and developing employees, establishing pay appraisal techniques, managing careers, and establishing employee compensation. Human Resource Management is ever changing in this skill-based society. In this paper I will discuss the various ways I intend on managing the human resource asset for this company. The ways that I would manage the organization will not only leave the Human Resource Department impressed, it will also make fellow employees at the company proud. I would first think about seeing what changes can be done to strengthen the organization.

Organizations should change or renew themselves to keep up with the changes of the times. Changes are good for any organization. Changes in an organization will let you know where your weaknesses are and will give you the opportunity to strengthen the weak areas. I would use three areas that organizations can use. Unfreezing, moving to new behaviors, and refreezing which means that the organization reverts back to the former way of doing things. To make change work our employees must believe that it will work and it will help to improve the organization overall. Team building is also a very important part of an organization. I would make sure that all team members are being treated fairly.

Many presidents have issued executive orders to be carried out in federal agencies. One program was the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Within this organization it is imperative that equal opportunity is given to everyone. This company will strive to implement diversity within all departments within the organization. We will specifically make sure that we recruiting minorities and women, welfare-to work employees, recruiting internationally, recruiting older workers, and recruiting single parents. We need to train management to understand the kinds of challenges single parents go thru.

We also need to have a single parent support group at your place of employment. Just remember, the more diverse we are in recruiting, the more marketable the company will be. Job analysis is very important to develop an organization's structure.

Job Analysis is used to create job descriptions and job specifications. There are various methods to build leads to recruit the most qualified employees. Interviewing people is the primary method to collect job analysis information. Secondly, with questionnaires, you can give them to a lot of people at the same time. It is less expensive than the interview method mentioned earlier. You can have the questionnaire prepared with the questions that you want to ask which can be open-ended or close-ended questions. It is up to you how you want the questionnaire to be formatted. Next, observe the work environment yourself to see what employees do. Normally this method is used to observe the physical aspect of the job. I would do interviewing and direct observation together. There are various tools to use when making employee selections. One of them is employee testing.

There are two key aspects of employee testing: validity and reliability. Validity is determining whether the test if valid. Reliability is the measure of stableness or consistently with the test. There are different types of tests we can give when making employee selections. When we interview potential future employees, there are also different types of interviews we can use. Another thing not to forget when filling a job vacancy is behavior specifications; focusing in determining who would be the best for the job. I would use the Achievement Test to measure whether a person can really perform the job as they said they could, and to make sure they have the knowledge to perform that job. During the job interview, you can ask the applicant for any work experience that is related to their current or future job. The key to training and developing employees is to provide the most efficient and effective workforce possible. With organizational development you get people involved to touch the vision of the company.

The types of training techniques that will be available at this organization will be on-the-job training, apprenticeship training, informal learning, job instruction training, programmed learning, audiovisual techniques, vestibule or simulated training, computer-based training, training via CD-ROM, and distance and internet-based training. For managers there will be on-the-job training techniques as well as off-the-job training techniques. There are four on-the-job training techniques. They are: job rotation, the coaching/understudy approach, action learning, and the case



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