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How Should Societies Respond to Political Extremism?

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Essay Preview: How Should Societies Respond to Political Extremism?

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How Should Societies Respond to Political Extremism?

Political extremism is not new in the contemporary social development of states. It is present in both developed and developing countries as the way of interpreting current policies as wrong, offering some extreme ways of political development. In many cases, it refers directly to the religious, racial, and ethnic conflicts in society. It is significant to keep up with the social equilibrium governed by the ideas of equality, respect, and tolerance. Otherwise, societies are likely to run into the tragic picture of social chaos fueled by violence and unrest. Therefore, societies should respond to political extremism by providing more alternatives for individuals, encouraging religious and public leaders, and addressing the main causes of extremism.

First, it is strategically important to understand the roots of political extremism in society. In this respect, individuals should keep a strict eye on what is going on in society and what threatens its status quo. Starting with the officials, politicians, policymakers, and up to the law enforcers, the public involvement should be multifaceted and in accordance with the collectively chosen design of sociopolitical system and its development. For racial discrimination and hatred on the ethnic grounds, it is vital to pay attention to the main figures or leaders who fuel suchlike intentions in masses. As long as equality refers to everyone in a democratic society, then it would be illegal and unlawful to support political extremism or take it for granted. People need to feel safe, sharing universal rights and freedoms in conjunction with the constitutional ones. Otherwise, there will be a situation described by Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan when people live in settings with no values, norms, rules, morality, and ethical concerns. Violence and chaos are exactly the consequences of perceiving political extremism as it is without offering some counter-reactions. Thus, the identification of the main sources of political extremism would be the first way to respond to political extremism.

On the other hand, political extremism follows a particular ideology that may go hand in hand with the extremist religious movements. In this case, it is vital to keep religious leaders from different religions united, focusing on the ideas of peace, tolerance, and rationality highlighted in every major religion of the world. Religious leaders should not support but blame and highly criticize those who commit crimes in the name of their religion. Social values are more important in a liberal society. Looking at the European countries, there is a harmonious co-existence of Christians, Muslims, Jews, and many others, as they follow the idea of a tolerant liberal society governed by the letter of the law. It also refers to the sexual minorities and LGBTQ community, as their rights and freedoms comply with the rights and freedoms of other people as long as they do not violate the law. In other words, society should respect the choices of different individuals in accordance with democratic perspectives, traditional values, and universal rights and freedoms. It is a basis of the contemporary post-colonial and post-industrial world order. Hence, as the next way of response, society has to keep in touch with religious and public leaders representing particular communities.



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