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The conflict between the Americans and the British had many roots. Many say the roots of the Revolution came due to economics however, politics and independent thinking greatly led to the Revolutionary War. The colonist developed independence fueled by political philosophers making them realize they could survive without Great Britain. Another thing that was a root towards the revolution is the acts that the British passed on the American Colonist. The last root was the colonist desire for religious freedom.

The views of political philosophers helped colonist develop a sense of independence. Montessui said "we should have separation of powers." Then John Locke told us we should have the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which was not true while the British were controlling us. The last phosphors that helped the colonist develop independence were Rousseau who said all men are created equal so he let us know we should not let Britain treat us cruelly and as less important people.

When the British passed the acts they passed on Americans the colonist were greatly upset. The first act which greatly angered the colonist was the Towshend Acts which where an indirect tax on tea and other food items. When this act was passed the colonist reacted with the Boston Massacre. The Towshend Acts where repelled except the Tea Act which the colonist proceeded to respond to with the Boston Tea Act where the colonist dumped chest of tea into the harbor. The final act which drew the colonist towards the Revolution was the Coercive Acts which became the Intolerable Acts when the Quebec Act was added.

Religion also played a factor towards the start of the Revolution. The English church was Catholic. Many of the colonists came to America for religious freedom; the people were Protestant, Puritans and even Quakers. These people decided after England telling them how to practice religion that they were tired of listening and



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