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History Of Sex In Western Civilization

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The episode, "History of Sex", from the collection of Ancient Civilizations which we watched on February 2, 2006 is a summary of how men and women acted in response to each other and also how much sex was a component in their lives. How we think about sex and why we think about sex has influenced who we are today. The question that was given throughout this episode was "How did these people love?"

In thirty-two hundred B.C. Mesopotamia which is the earliest written history of sex was the land of exoticism and barbarism. Husbands were not allowed to be with only one female. These men were able to have multiple wives and girlfriends because it was believed that the woman's body was the property of the man. In 1600 B.C. if a man caught his wife in bed with another man she would be tied to the bed and beaten. From the years of 2100-to 1600 B.C. it was the duty of the king to have sexual intercourse with prostitutes which is believed to make the kingdom have a good year and great success in war. Sex was not only for the gods and kings of Mesopotamia but for everyone within its borders. Sex was used in the beginning for only fertility but now it's was also used for pleasure and loving.

During 5000 B.C in Ancient Egypt sexuality and sensuality were believed to go hand and hand with each other, moreover, sensuality gave balance between mind and soul. It is believed man was derived from their god who masturbated in which gave life to all. Egyptians believed that even when you are dead you could have sensuality. Sex was not only used for procreation but also as a recreational activity. Even though sex was recreational activity adultery was still frowned upon. If a woman is found guilty of adultery she would be thrown to the dogs or burned alive. Also, if a man was caught he could be executed or mutilated.

It is said that an individual who does not conceive is not successful in the eyes of the gods. The Egyptian word for impregnate is Chay but if you translate it into the English language it means to Spear. Females used sponges, honey, crocodile manure as forms of contraceptives. In addition, a man who goes by the name Kwfo used his daughter as a prostitute to build the famous pyramid we know today as Giza .

In Ancient Greece society believed that sex was part of their life. Romantic love was not the norm back then,moreover,



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