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History 101

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"The bitter years 1935-1941". (Wheeler 202) This photograph was actually very sad to me. It is a picture of three people in a cotton field. It looks like strenuous work! I can not see their faces but just the vibe and the body language that is in this picture tells a lot. It shows three sad souls, who slave in the hot field from dusk till dawn. This photograph was taken to show that there is a lot of poverty and that people are still slaves! The first time I looked at this picture it gave me chills! It just looks so sad. I actually think that if I looked at it long enough I would cry! It provokes a lot of sadness in m heart these people worked so hard for so little.

This picture, on page 198 makes me angry. I think he is just sitting their profiting from people that are working very hard, just like the ones in picture number 12. This mans just sitting there posing like he has no care in the world, or he's on top of the world. The message that is delivered form this picture was a horrible one just like all the other pictures. There is a man sitting back doing nothing while people pick cotton and migrant workers do all the work for him. It provoked anger inside of me! I actually looked at this picture and became really upset.

"New deal photographers had captured in their picture: rural poverty, racial discrimination, and social injustices."(Wheeler 202) These pictures prove that pictures are worth a 1000 words. These pictures are very deep. If you are sensitive, it is as if you are pouring salt on open wounds. I totally agree that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Sometimes pictures and videos can be more powerful. It all depends on how the picture and videos are presented to the audience. The words, the lens, and many other things play a part in changing the mood and making you feel a certain way.

I don't think we are free from poverty. We don't see poverty in America as much. The media



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