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Hero/Heroine Paper

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Hero/Heroine Paper

Kevin McGuire

World Mythology

HUM 105

Joy Lapp, PHD

November 22, 2005

The comparison of the late Howard Hughes to the mythological god Poseidon can be quiet direct. Believers in each of the characters relied on them for many different reasons. Both were providers of substance essential to a follower's livelihood. Both had tempers that were unpredictable and feared. And in the end, both influenced life far beyond the height of their popularity in their own time. Attitudes and action references of each continue to this day.

Both had powerful fathers. Poseidon's father was Cronus, who took over the throne of the Greek Gods. Poseidon ruled over the sea and sailors would rely on him for safe travel. He would create lands and calm the oceans when he was in a good mood. When he was in a bad mood, his striking of the ground with is trident would cause shipwrecks, earthquakes, and drowning.

Poseidon objectified masculinity, and used that power over women as well. Involvement with numerous was habitual for him. He was married, but it is not clearly stated if he was involved with others at the same time. It is said he was married to Amphitriteand involved with Medusa. It was recorded that he also raped Caeneus and Amymone. His children from all of this were many.

Much like Poseidon, Hughs used his power to influcne many, from government and business men, to women he wanted. He was married to Ella Rice and Jean Peters. His affairs involved numerous famous and powerful women. Some of whom he brought to notority. The list of his women are like Poseidon's, there are many. Jane Russell, Katharine Hepburn, and Ava Gardner are just a few of the many affairs he had.

Unlike Poseidon, it was never stated the he raped anyone. But similar to the Greek God, he did get into his share of trouble. Problems with the government involved things such as missing deadlines for projects and insider trading information. Other problems were rumors of political conspiracy involvement, and Mafia connections and CIA connections (Howard Hughs).

Some similarities include that tendency of both to be highly motivated. Each would seek out and perform whatever tasks were required in order to reach a certain goal. The Greek God Poseidon would simply make things happen. Hughs would use his financially backed power to obtain what ever it was he was after.

Even though many in his fields of interest initially shunned him, he would persevere until he was able to prove to himself and the others he abilities. Much of his proving of skills was displayed in his movie industry accomplishments, and his aviation accomplishments.

Although never stated, it seems that the Poseidon never had a formal education. Similarly, Hughs never finished high school. He was able to attend the Rice Institute and Cal Tec for a period of time, but it is never clear if he completed studies at either school. Apparently it is assumed as well that Hughs simply was born with the skills he required in his life.

With the power each wielded, at times stories the stories of the use of power seemed to border on abuse of that power. Poseidon clearly abused his power, and Hughs must have abused his power as well. After all, Hughs did end up in a numerous legal battles.

The influence of Poseidon continues today and is very obvious. The current remake of a movie "The Poseidon Adventure" is the most recent that refers to the Greek God. The tales of him through history provided motivation for new adventure and comfort of protection.

The modern day influences of Howard Hughs are many and still widely felt. His contributions to the film industry are not as well known as his innovative aviation ideas. He even contributed to the design of women's bras. (Howard Robard Hughes)

While each character's recorded abuse of power may not be reason to idolize either one, their tenacity for achieving goals must be admired. Of course having the power of a god, or the money of Howard Hughs helps when trying to reach goals. But without the drive to fulfill those goals, the power or money would be useless.

In retrospect, the consequences of their success seemed to have a price for each. Poseidon would eat his children so that they would not kill him and take his throne,



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