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Global History Final Examination

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Essay Preview: Global History Final Examination

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The United States of America is getting mangled in today’s world. What obstacles are actually provoking us in order to meet our standards? Other countries and their problems. Isn’t the immigration rate a little high? We need to start protecting our own soil and freeze ourselves from going somewhere else when we are in the moments of need. Let us encourage other countries to take over the role of leadership for a change. Other countries have supervened with their problems in the past and it will proceed in the future if the United States doesn’t correct the mistakes now. Our allies have not stepped up much during the times of essential emergency and all of that needs to transform because today is a fresh beginning. So what do we exactly do? We must first protect our homeland under any circumstance.

Without helping ourselves, we cannot help others. It’s like black and white. It’s that simple to understand. We send all of our money to other countries to rebuild and revolutionize which then leaves our country vulnerable to crash. We also butt in to too many situations such as the ongoing troubles in Iraq. We should encourage others to take the head of the table for a change while we can focus on ourselves for a little while. At least until we can get on the right track and help the jobs in America, terrorists, and the natural economy. American lives are hanging by a rope and we have to worry about others before our own flesh? It doesn’t seem right.

Here is another thing that is hurting us because of our lack of security, terrorism. But wait, why are we lacking in security? Well, according to the U.S., we focus on more important things such as the war in Iraq and the other half of the world. When we put those types of priorities first, we make ourselves more vulnerable to suicide bombings, etc. By sending resources, money, and people overseas, the U.S. can not advance in technology as fast while terrorists can. We cannot take the chance to fall back a step behind the world. We should take a firmer position in negotiating with potentially harmful countries. This should cut down on terrorism.

The economy is



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