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Albi Final Thought

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Mere Christianity book report


CS Lewis is probably the most down to earth theologian that western

civilization ever produced. His defense of the core beliefs and truths of

Christianity are profound. He makes theological issues open to both

believers and non-believers.

Lewis understands the objections of non-believers and deals with

Their arguments head on. In this book he dismisses the idea people have

regarding Christ. "I'm ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but

I don't accept his claim to be God". The chapter that talks about Christ

being merely a man and his moral teachings is of interest. The statements

about Jesus being a lunatic or devil or great moral teacher gives us a

choice in our thinking, however the issue is clear to the believers.

His chapter on evil's existence is used to attack Christianity on the

basis of the existence of God and that he is the Lord of all creation. He

makes the statement that if there is good in the world, then evil is

possible. Free will is the guiding factor for good and evil, we have a


He writes on man's relationship with the need for God and goes on to

tell us, man needs to fill his spirit with God. Man cannot be happy and

at peace without God. This happiness which God designed for us, is the

happiness of being freely, voluntarily united to Him and each other in love.

Harvey Blumenfeld




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