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Global Communication Benchmarking

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ADHD Reaction Paper

Robert Jones

Senior Seminar 4080

Professor Michael J Justice

September 17, 2004


In his review, Jay Joseph professor of psychology examines the evidence of a genetic link of ADHD. Joseph argues against three kinds of studies that he considers to be flawed that support the heredity components of the disorder such as family studies, twin studies, and adoption studies. In addition, Joseph states that the role of genetic factors in ADHD is not thoroughly supported, and future research should focus on psychosocial causes. Accordingly, he states that: family studies cannot distinguish between genetic and environmental components. To add he exclaims, that the assumption of twin studies suggest that both identical and fraternal twins share equal environments is false. In addition, he believes that adoption studies have major flaws.

In contrast, I found Joseph review of ADHD and its genetic factors the distorted and confusing. For example, Joseph does not provide a substitute theory that better describes the pertinent information. Subsequently, he uses the nature verses nurture argument to suggest either facets of human life are at odds with one another. The conscience among most in the scientific community is that the study of

the genetics and psychiatric disorders support the concept that both genes and the environmental factors affect the disorder. Therefore, this issue became a hot topic in our class discussions. In deed, most of the students were in agreement with the genetic and environmental issues.

In summary, I agree with



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