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Global Communication Benchmarking Research

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Essay Preview: Global Communication Benchmarking Research

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Wal-Mart Synopsis

In the Global Communication scenario it dealt with the outsourcing of jobs and the relocation of the company to an international market. Global Communication profits have continued to decline and the stakeholders are demanding answers. Now the senior team has selected an idea to save the company, which includes the disposal of their domestic call center. Along with the other call center's employee's being ask to take salary cut and to relocate to India and Ireland. Wal-Mart has outsourced thousands of their employee's jobs in the United States and has become a global franchise. At one time 94% of Wal-Mart's merchandise in 1995 was made in the United States. Today Wal-Mart has more than 70% of its merchandise produced in China, Canada, Mexico and England along with thousands of jobs. Wal-Mart clearly stated, "it is not an American company but a global company and it is necessary to use global source to meet the needs of their customers."(Lock out America workers, 2005) Wal-Mart is one of the U.S, biggest company that now supplies goods to overseas companies. Never before have so many large and small businesses' have been so deeply involved in/affected by international business. A global economic boom has been unprecedented in a way that has driven efficiency, productivity in an unregulated market. A powerful economic, technological industrial forces convey a new global economic at the expense of the American economy. Through all these events American consumers continue to keep the worlds economic afloat. The experience in the international market will vary and things never go as planned in the global commerce. You can have the best laid plans but the international markets are very unpredictable.

Global Communication like Wal-Mart has chosen to enter the international market seeking global recognition. They both utilized outsourcing/layoffs to accomplish their companies desire to become a global entity with no regards for the economic lose in the U.S. The reduction of American employment to the international market appears to be the answer for many companies or the convenient excuse to get cheaper labor for bigger profits. All the companies have the same reason for expanding, the declining profits and too many competitors in the market.

AT&T Synopsis

Cingular Wireless, the second largest cellular company in the U.S, recently purchased AT&T Wireless. This acquisition was likely to spark thousands of job cuts. Some issues AT&T Wireless faced were not only having a new boss but as the two companies integrate, thousands of AT&T Wireless jobs are expected to migrate to Atlanta where wages and operating cost are



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